My name is Avraham Goldhar and I’ve trained thousands of students, teachers and professionals how to maximize their ability to learn and remember.

My method is based on a very simple idea. The key to learning is an organized mind.

It’s a simple notion but its application has a revolutionary impact on the way people think, learn and communicate. An organized mind increases focus, clarity and strengthens your memory.

On the flip side, so many of the problems in education, from the classroom experience to curricula development, stem from pure, unadulterated disorganization.

Cluttered, fragmented and fuzzy learning is quite commonplace.

I’ve met many students and adults who were convinced that they were poor learners or had bad memories when in fact their experience was shaped by material that was simply hard to learn and remember. They were never taught how to untangle the mess and process the material to clarity.

Organizing I believe is at the core of the learning process and it’s what I love to teach and show others how to do.

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